Book cover for for - Rex & Friends

Rex & Friends

Book cover for for - Rex & Friends

Rex was warned to stay away from humans, but that is a pretty big problem! The human’s music means the world to Rex. He loves to listen to the cavemen play their instruments every day from up on the hill. One afternoon, Rex creeps out of the forest to learn how to play an instrument with the humans. Will the fearful humans reject him, or will dinosaurs and humans alike learn that even the most unlikely of friends can find harmony together?

This delightful tale of a young T-Rex speaks volumes about the power of individuality, passion, and friendship. It teaches us a lesson often overshadowed by societal norms and conventions—the importance of following our heart, even when the world suggests otherwise. Michele Wallace Campanelli’s book shows us that we should not be afraid to embrace our interests and pursue our dreams.

The happiness we experience when doing what we love is unrivaled and will often lead to unforeseen connections and bonds. “Rex and Friends” starts with a young dinosaur named Rex who develops a peculiar fascination for music, quite different from his dinosaur peers. His world turns upside down when he discovers a group of cavemen and their wives playing primitive instruments inside a hillside cave. Being intrigued by the sounds, especially the one created by a unique instrument that looked like an upright box with keys, Rex visits the cave secretly—much against the advice of his fellow dinosaurs who warn him about humans. Despite the stern advice from Sage the Raptor, Jack the Triceratops, and Bruno the Brachiosaurus, Rex continues to enjoy the melody from his hiding place behind the ferns and the giant gingko plants. Will his adventurous spirit and fondness for music land him in trouble, or will it lead to a journey full of surprises? Why was Rex so fascinated with the unique keyed instrument? And with tiny hands, how will he manage to play it? Join Rex on his journey, where he crosses the boundaries of his kind, driven by his love for music.

You will feel the inherent charm and sense of humor in the author’s style—making it a pleasurable read for all ages. And its originality sets it apart from other children’s books. A tale of a dinosaur falling in love with caveman tunes, learning to play an instrument with his feet, and eventually becoming part of the band is a whimsical concept that is fresh and creative! The hand-drawn illustrations really make their world come to life. It feels like you’re right there with the dinosaurs and cave dwellers, part of their musical adventure—I recommend grabbing a copy! Discover how Rex’s unique friendship with the cave dwellers leads to unexpected reunions and forms bonds. Lastly, this book promotes inclusivity, fostering a sense of belonging among its readers. It shows how music, a universal language, brings together the most unlikely of friends—dinosaurs and cavemen, in this case. It will leave you happy and humming a tune.

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