As a new writer, you’re excited about getting others to read your work. You put in a lot of time and effort, and you’re truly proud of your book. That’s what makes getting rejected from a publisher so difficult. How can you deal with rejection? Here are a few tips.

Develop Thick Skin and Don’t Give Up!

Perhaps the best advice when it comes to publishing is to not give up. The publishing industry is full of rejection. In fact, most bestsellers were rejected hundreds of times before they caught their “big break” and were published. So, it’s important to develop thick skin and keep trying. This is an important trait for every writer to develop.

The traditional publishing world involves multiple steps to getting published, and rejection can occur at every stage. Once you feel that your manuscript is ready for publication, you’ll need to decide whether to self-publish or look for a 

Try Self-Publishing

If you can’t seem to get your book published via the traditional route and you just want to get your book out there for the world to read, self-publishing might be the best option for you. There are many resources on the internet for self-publishing. One of the best options is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Here, you can upload your manuscript directly to Amazon, and you can publish both Kindle and paperback copies. The service is free to use, so if you don’t have a large budget for getting published, this is the way to go. 

Being self-published doesn’t mean that you’re giving up or that your work isn’t worthy of publication. It simply means that you published your own book for the world to read. You can continue writing and submitting your manuscripts to different publishing companies. This won’t affect your ability to get published in the future. In fact, if your book ends up being a bestseller, this could help you get published in the future.

Please don’t stop writing if the road is hard. Know that every author has faced rejection and that it is important to keep writing and keep submitting your manuscripts. If you need help, feel free to contact me.