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september, 2021

sepFeaturedNEW ANTHOLOGY: Survivor Anthology

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“Cities breaking and people shaking” were popular lyrics nearly fifty years ago and yet describe the struggle for SURVIVAL we face in our communities today. Yes, there are still wars between nations, fights between groups, struggles between neighbors, and turmoil over economic imbalances, and the disease COVID-19 has overtaken all of the world’s hospitals and our minds.Written amidst the chaos caused by this new virus, these stories tell of challenges faced by a resilient humanity and the pain those challenges cause. They tell the tales of how we respond to attacks on our security and confidence with courage, innovation, friendship, and empathy.Inspiring, fervent, and at times humorous, this SURVIVAL collection by Florida authors shows over and over how we suffer pain and endure grief to rise above all with our lives—scarred but triumphant. We are Survivors!

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