Genre tropes are very important to finding a position in the literary landscape. It helps a writer determine what kind of writing groups or conferences that one might be interested in. If I am writing a romantic novel at the time, I might be interested in attending a Romantic Writer’s Workshop, for example. What types of tropes that I’m writing about also become a part of my identity for myself, my agent, publisher and peers. Active reading is an important way for a writer to improve. Writers need to continue reading books to improve their own works and learn from others. Identifying tropes in other authors’ works helps pinpoint what works as themes or plots might work best for me, too. 

I will study literature of others and continue as an active reader. To find one’s place is to discover where my strengths are as a writer. It will help me recognize areas that I need to improve and also what tropes I’m interested in adding to my stories. By reading and going to workshops, I will continue to add to my skills and toolkit. As a writer, I am also building an identity as a professional in the literary community.